What invention has changed the most from Version One to the Present Day?


I’m now ripping off Ron and Fez bits wholesale. In a gripping discussion today, the radio show debated the following question that’s 100 percent relevant to our interests here at CrunchGear: what invention has changed the most since its inception?

The question is not “which invention has changed mankind the most,” but what invention today looks or works totally different than Version One did.

The airplane. Version one was basically a glorified kite, yet today we’ve got double decker aircraft that can cross the oceans on a single tank of gas, albeit a big one.

The tank. The design is basically the same—a mobile, armored personnel thing—but compare that to today’s mad fast vehicle with laser sights.

The computer. Back in the day, computers filled entire rooms. Today, you’ve got people typing their fingers off on a netbook. (The computer is even smaller if you consider mobile phones to be computers.)

The pen. You had to kill a bird, then constantly refill the quill with ink. Today, you can go to the store and buy a perfectly acceptable six-inch piece of plastic from Bic that’ll last for weeks on end.

Your thoughts? (Be sure to check the gallery, too. It took a hot five minutes to put together.)