Christian Audigier's reign of terror extends to USB drives


Let’s clear the air real quick. Ed Hardy is one of the godfathers of modern tattooing and he learned from the best, Sailor Jerry. Christian Audigier, on the other hand, is a big douche. He whored out Kenny Howard aka Von Dutch (even though the guy was a drunk and racist) and now he’s done the same with Ed Hardy over the last few years.

I can’t really blame Hardy for wanting to make a little cash from royalties now that he isn’t tattooing anymore, but enough is enough. I hate Christian Audigier with a passion and hate him even more because he’s douched out Ed Hardy and his name. Now everyone thinks Ed Hardy, the actual person, is a big douchebag, when in reality, his original tattoo flash has just been converted into shit like these dumb USB keychains. I’d bet a month’s paycheck that 99 percent of the douches wearing Ed Hardy clothes don’t even know who he is. Boycott everything and anything that Christian Audigier touches.


Fun fact: my tattoo artist Igor Mortis worked under Hardy at Tattoo City in San Francisco. He’s good. How good? I fly back to Portland anytime I have a hankering for more.