Rumor: Sprint Touch Pro 2 shipping September 8th?


While past rumors indicated that Sprint’s Touch Pro 2 would be shipping out beginning September 3rd, a just leaked document makes it seem like things have slipped back a bit.

Super sleuth bigchico68 over at SprintUsers spotted these slides at work, and was nice enough to do the ol’ snap-and-share. According to these pics, the Touch Pro 2 is looking at a direct sales (online/telesales) ship date of September 8th. No retail date is mentioned.

Also notable is the price: $599. Don’t worry – at least, not too much. That’s the Suggest Retail Price, so things like contract subsidies and rebates aren’t taken into account. The same slide also pins the camera-less version of the BlackBerry Tour at $499; seeing as the camera-toting version goes for $299 after contract (and $199 after mail-in rebate), we’re definitely not looking at final prices here. If we had to wager, we’d expect Sprint’s Touch Pro 2 to come in somewhere around the same price as T-Mobile’s: $349.

Three other phones are mentioned on the sheet: an orange color variant of the LG Rumor2 launching on Sept. 3, along with the Samsung M240 and M330. We don’t know a whole lot about the latter two – but seeing as the pre-contract prices are $169.99 and $219.99 respectively, we’re likely looking at a couple of feature phones here.
[Thanks David!]