Wait, the cell phone accessory market is worth how much?

accessories$63 BILLION. That’s how much we’re spending each year to keep our devices primped and powered. In the U.S. alone, the average mobile phone owner spends roughly $60 on accessories over the life of their phone.

I mean, we all go through chargers fairly regularly, but $63 BILLION-worth? According to ABI Research (which conducted the, well, research), it’s not just chargers, but all the other usual suspects as well:

“Chargers – car chargers, standard chargers and additional chargers – led the field in terms of numbers purchased.”

“Carrying or protective cases were the next most popular, followed by batteries and memory cards. Other accessory types include hands-free kits, headsets, and cosmetic enhancements.”

But when you really think about it, $63 billion isn’t really all that outrageous when you consider how many cellphones are floating around the world. Not to mention the increasing worldwide trend towards hands-free operation while driving and the thousands upon thousands of cellphone accessory mall kiosks out there.

As much of a help as mobile accessories appear to be for the worldwide economy, this research makes it even more clear that it is time to switch to a universal mobile charger to cut down on waste. The less we have to spend on chargers, the more we have to spend on amazing cellphone charms and sequins-encrusted holsters!

via WebProNews