250GB Xbox 360 with Forza package spotted on Amazon.de

We just saw the Xbox 360 drop in price today, and according to my “Tetris effect” hypothesis, there has to be something to fill the gap left by the now-$299 Elite. Lo and behold, Amazon.de shows a listing this very day with the new item! It’s a 250GB 360, packaged with the upcoming Forza game. My my, 250GB. What would you do with that?

The package comes with two controllers and costs €280, which comes out to about 402 of your American dollars — so you can expect a $399 price point once it hits here. Reasonable… if you have a money tree in the back yard.

The 250GB is what sets it apart, clearly. Having twice the storage of your competitor is a nice bullet point to put on product comparisons, even if it is a hugely expensive option. Obviously the rise of downloadable content has made in-console storage a valuable commodity. But are you really going to have 200GB of XBLA games? Makes one think that perhaps the downloadable full game is at hand. Duh, it’s already at hand. Not so much for the PS3 though.

[via Engadget]