Palm Pre launches in Canada, celebrates with new apps


Attention Canadian Pre aficionados: your time has come. For 199.95 of your bizarre Canadian dollars, Palm’s WebOS-running, full QWERTY-sporting, Synergy-syncing handset is yours for the taking. Of course, you’d only be able to get that price if you commit to a lengthy 3-year contract with Bell, but that hasn’t kept some of you from taking the plunge already.

In their infinite grace and wisdom, Palm has also decided to release a few more apps to commemorate the occasion. Bringing the App Catalog total to a whopping 45, its ranks now include a Tetris demo from EA that only lets you play for one minute, a Yahtzee demo that’s sure to knock your family-friendly socks off, a dedicated Yelp app, and (appropriately enough) an app for the Canadian Press.

Planning to take the plunge? Make your way to your nearest Bell Mobility store (or preferred third-party retailer) now, if possible – you’d better get the lead out if you’ve been watching and waiting this whole time.