Samsung has sold 5 million of these so far – can you name it?


Take a look over at that phone to the right. Can you name it? Yes, yes – it’s obviously a Samsung. But can you name the model? We haven’t covered this phone much here at MobileCrunch; no mobile blog outside of the Samsung-specific blogs have, really. But that hasn’t kept it from being a raging success.

Samsung announced this morning that this phone – which, by the way, is the Samsung Star, otherwise known as the Tocco Lite or S5230 – has surpassed the 5 million units sold mark. Considering that this handsets only been on the shelves for a few weeks shy of 4 months (having launched in mid-May), thats one hell of an accomplishment.

Of course, it helps that the handset is dirt cheap; in the markets where it is available (mostly within the UK), the Tocco Lite goes for around $140 without a contract. With a contract, it doesn’t cost a thing. Samsung expects 10 million of these things to be in pockets by Novemember; with that price and the rate at which it’s selling, this thing is essentially the Motorola RAZR of 2009.