Gameplay video of Modern Warfare 2 leaks, features the worst Brazilian Portuguese accent you've ever heard in your life


Oh, look, video of Modern Warfare 2 has leaked. (I’m still not sure if it’s called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 or simply Modern Warfare 2. Go figure.) It was taken at a retailer convention in Las Vegas.

Yup, it’s an FPS set in the modern era, all right. Apparently it takes place in Brazil, because you can hear a squad commander (or whatever) using the word “favela,” and I can see Cristo Redentor in that screenshot. Also, I heard literally the worst Brazilian Portuguese accent in history. My teeth hurt I’m so embarrassed to hear that.

Dear Activision and Infinity Ward, I studied Portuguese in college, and I like video games. If you need to hire a better voice actor before the games ships, feel free to e-mail me: nicholas at crunchgear dot com. You don’t want to release that.

UPDATE Well it looks like the videos are now private or removed or something. Totally out of my hands, guys. Just imagine Call of Duty 4 set in Rio de Janeiro and you’ll know what the video looks like.