Here's a list of applications that are glitchy with Snow Leopard


Head’s up to any of y’all looking to upgrade to Snow Leopard this weekend (that’s my plan, along with installing Windows 7). It’s not exactly a surprise, but some applications may be a little wonky with the new operating system, and this Web site has a list of what’s what.

Apparently World of Warcraft has some minor issues, and you’ll need to upgrade popular FTP application Cyberduck to a new beta to get it to work with 10.6.

There also seems to be some issues with Growl and Google Gears, so best to consult the list before you zap away plain ol’ Leopard forever.

Also, if I may, the Guardian has the best review of Snow Leopard I’ve read thus far, so be sure to read it when you have a few free minutes.

That is all.