More 7D ephemera surfaces, along with two awesome lenses

A poster showing the rumored Canon 7D, along with some specs, has entered the rumor arena, and it looks totally legit to me. I would guess, from the name and specs (18MP, 8FPS, 100% VF coverage), that this is a direct competitor with Nikon’s D300s, priced well above a 50D but far below a 5D mk II. Say $1899 MSRP, just off the top of my head?

The specs on the box are in Chinese, but helpful commenter maxxevv gives a translation:

i) 18Mp
ii) 100% viewfinder
iii) 8 frames / second
iv) Digic IV
v) 19 pt AF
vi) 3 inch LCD
vii) ISO 6400
ix) “Real Time Display” which probably is LiveView
x) What looks like “artificial horizon tilt”

And another 2 items which I cannot make out. One of them looks like “zone metering” … ?

Sounds like dynamite, assuming the movie mode isn’t the same shabby one that’s on the T1i.

In addition to the poster, there were leaked the following two lenses:


Are you kidding me? Those look fantastic. 15-85 and 18-135, f/3.5-5.6 IS? Damn, son, sign me up! That puts Canon in a much better position when comparing against Nikon’s excellent kit lenses, which have always been a selling point for their cheaper DSLRs. We’ll see what the pricing and performance are, but the numbers are looking hot like magma.