Orange Acquires Ad Network To Reach 69% Of UK Online Pop

Unanimis, the UK-based digital advertising network specialising in branded and performance-based display ads, is to be bought by the France Telecom-owned Orange mobile carrier. That’s an interesting deal because Unanimis claims to reach 69% of the online UK population and enjoyed revenues of over $34 million (£21m) in 2008. One of Unanimis’ strengths is the network of exclusive deals it has secured with sites like as well as other partners.

The acquisition means that SPARK Ventures will realise its investment in Unanimis and receive proceeds of up to $7.7 million (£4.7m), subject to a 50% earn-out arrangement. If the full earn-out targets are reached, SPARK will make a 2.4x return in 2012 on their original $3.4 million (£2.1m) investment.