Quantum Key Distribution soon to be available to the average Joe

Are you a privacy-minded person living in the Netherlands with at least $82,000 USD to spare? If so, quantum cryptography can be your’s today, thanks to a new partnership between Siemens and id Quantique! Siemes has a bunch of dark fiber it’s willing to sell to you for use with your shiny new id Quantique Cerberis quantum key distribution system. As you all know, quantum cryptography key distribution uses light over fiber optic cables. In order to ensure that the key exchange occurs securely, you need dedicated fiber. And if, somehow, someone manages to peek in on your key exchange, the quantum properties of photons ensures that you’ll know about, since the very act of observing quantum events changes their outcomes.

Technology Review has more details about the agreement. Initially limited in scope to Dutch companies, this does signal a pretty big advance in quantum cryptography for the layperson.

Quantum mechanics is, in my mind, pretty close to magic. For some mind-bending quantum fun, check out this Dr. Quantum video: