Second place in the App Store brings in $6,300 a day


There are few things more coveted in the iPhone developer world than the top spots on the App Store sales chart. Sure, there’s only one way to go once you’ve hit the top; but while you’re there, you’re riding high. You get to sit back, relax, and watch as Cupertino’s little talkbox prints out money.

But how much are those spots worth, exactly? How much do these top Paid Apps bring in?

While most developers that reach the top aren’t looking to spill the beans on how much change they’ve just walked away with, TapTapTap, creators of the current second best-selling Paid App, Convert, have put it all out on the table. After launching with a great product and the helpful hand of positive blog coverage, Convert shot up the charts to #2 with roughly 50,000 sales spread out across two weeks. But once it hit #2, the downloads spiked: 9,000 downloads per day.

After Apple takes their cut, that’s roughly $6,300 a day. Considering that taptaptap is just a handful of guys (their primary team is made up of just 3) — and that they made $35,000+ from sales in two weeks as they climbed the charts — that’s a whole lot of coin. Enjoy your yachts, guys.