Sponsor TechCrunch Europe Events – be part of the scene

• We’re running a special event consisting of an afternoon series of talks, pitches and discussions on September 24th in London, followed by a networking party in the evening. To find out more and promote your company on TechCrunch via sponsorship of this event please contact Petra Johansson on petra@twistedtree.co.uk. More details will be announced very soon. As always if you want to be the first to hear about upcoming TechCrunch Europe events, sign up to our events announcement list.

• Also, on 2nd September TechCrunch Europe will be supporting the UKTI pitching training session in London. We need some more startups who’d like to learn how to pitch their company in 3 minutes. This event is free, because we just want you to get better at pitching your company. Shucks. Again, contact Petra Johansson on petra@twistedtree.co.uk for details.