You Decide Who Photoshop Hacked Microsoft The Best

We are overwhelmed with the 168 responses to our “It’s A Meme! Get Photoshop Warmed Up And Win A Bing Tshirt” post where we asked you, the readers, to come up with a better photoshop hack job than Microsoft was able to do on their own marketing material.

One of the submissions will win a Bing tshirt and sticker. I originally said the winner would be selected by our summer interns, but we want to turn this into a poll. We’ve selected the six we like best, but you can write in your own as well.

View all of the submissions here

Thanks everyone. And thanks to Cameron Christoffers, our star intern, for organizing all the photos.

Who Wins The Microsoft Photoshop Poland Contest?(surveys)

Oh, by the way. We told Bing that if they didn’t retweet this post we’d be forced to burn our Bing T-shirts. This was their cheeky response, courtesy of icanhascheezburger: