IM+ 3.4 to support Speech Recognition for Twitter and IM (for a price)

Unlike some people around these parts, I loves me some Twitter (psst, follow me.) Thing is, just about every time I get a chance to tweet, I can’t. Maybe my hands are covered in grease as I’m stuffing my face with a delicious burger; maybe I just don’t want to come home from a long day of blogging and have to squeeze my thoughts into 140 characters with my iPhone’s made-for-babies keyboard.

Voice recognition Twitter apps are intriguing, but none of the major Twitter clients have it yet (as far as I know), and I’m just not hardcore enough to drop money on any apps that might offer voice-tweeting as its sole functionality. Fortunately, an already worthwhile app has come along and solved all my problems via upgrade.

IM+, a pretty dang decent instant messaging app (which supportsAIM, Yahoo, Twitter, Skype Chat, Facebook, Google Talk, Yahoo, and more), has just submitted a build which packs Voice Recognition for Twitter and IM as one of its major features. It’s not quite up yet, but Taimur over at RedmondPie managed to scrounge up a pre-release copy.

While we’ll have to wait to see if we’ll give the Voice Recognition the Crunchtastic Seal of Approval (which I actually just made up right now), it doesn’t seem to stumble over Taimur’s mild accent. It seems to rely on a server to do the crunching, which introduces two caveats: it’s a bit slow, and it’s not free. That said, it’s only .99c a month – and if that means I can tweet without slathering my iPhone in burger grease, it might be worth it.