Canon 7D surfaces along with new macro lens

A leaked poster told us most of the pertinent information about Canon’s upcoming 7D, and this adds weight to that info. There are a few new specs; apparently the AF system is a new layout, and it’s a dual Digic IV processor setup, which probably accounts for its ability to shoot at 8FPS. There’s also a new flash and an… aerodynamic body design? What?

Here’s the full list of features, gleaned from some pictures posted in Fred Miranda forums.

2. Dual DIGIC 4
3. 8 FPS (94 FINE JPEG/ 15 RAW)
4. New eight-directional double cross central AF point, total 19 cross AF points
5. ISO 100-6400 (Exp 12800)
6. 100% 1.0X magni VF with intelligent display, horizon assist
7. New iFCL metering (exposure and colour)
8. 3′ 920K Version II LCD, 160 deg viewing
9. Full HD video (w external mic input n HDMI output)
10. Live view w Face-priority AF
11. New switch for Live View/Video mode
12. Aero-dynamic body design, metallic shutter sound, 150K shutter life
13. New 24mm built-in flash, supports EOS intelligent speedlite system
14. A.L.O
15. P.I.C
16. Picture style
17. EOS Integrated Dust Removal system

Don’t ask me what ALO and PIC are. Some of the commenters are disputing the veracity of these pics and specs, but they sound about right to me. Apparently it’s a 1.6x cropped FOV, which some people will like and some not; at any rate those new wide angle zooms would be sweet on a 1.6x or 1.3. As I noted before, I’d put its price at sub-$2000, probably priced competitively but not equally with Nikon’s new D300s.


There’s also a nice new 100mm f/2.8L macro: dual IS, 9-blade aperture, internal focus and full-time manual. I’m guessing it’ll be somewhere in the neighborhood of $1200. How I would love to have one… but I guess I’ll just have to continue doing semi-macro with my 35mm f/2. Hey, it works!