Will the real Rummble please stand up?

We’ve been covering Rummble, a mobile-oriented social network “about finding and sharing stuff you’ll like” for several years now. CEO Andrew Scott is enthusiastic, smart and persistent. I’d be hard pressed to think of a more ‘full on’ entrepreneur to be honest. And I know he may punch me for asking this (Andrew, please don’t, I’m way out of shape) but, the question is: what direction is Rummble heading in?

Rummble needs some kind of break-out moment right now. I don’t know what their traffic is like and I daresay mobile traffic and non-US traffic doesn’t register at all on the graph below, which at least hints at an uplift:

But Rummble might need to focus. I had high hopes for it getting in on the back of the growth of Twitter with its Tremors service. Tremors is their new Twitter app which does the following: it attempts to match tweets to venues, based on a combination of fuzzy word matching, the general location the tweet came from and then a rough estimation of whether the Tweet was positive or negative about the venue. It’s not perfect but, it needs more people to use it. But Rummble is not pushing this service right now as far as I can tell, although Festival time in Europe would be great timing.

It’s now launched a video show, Rummble.tv . See below:

Rummble.tv Episode 1 is here! (also available in iTunes Podcasts) from Rummble on Vimeo.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m a fan of startups thinking creatively. But should they be putting effort into this? Will Tremors get pushed more? Perhaps their iPhone app, which is pretty good and lets you rate things far more easily than many other apps I’ve seen, should be their focus? There is all sorts of potential here – but where is the nugget of gold?

What do you think? Leave your thoughts below. Because I’m guessing they need to focus on one thing going forward. But maybe that’s just me.