Sample images from the Pentax K-7 at the Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix

One of the downsides to covering gadgets on a daily basis for as long as I have is the fact that I think everything is crap. Very few things excite me and anything that does usually ends up falling short of my expectations. It’s unfortunate, but once in a blue moon does something not only impress, but also exceed my expectations. Case in point, the Pentax K-7.

I had the pleasure of taking it along with a DA* 300mm f/4, DA 17-70mm f/4 and my trusty FA 50mm f/1.4 to the 2nd Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix race over the weekend at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I knew the K-7 was a good camera and based on all the reviews I’d seen for it, I knew it was right up there with the Canikons. But I never imagined that it would make my jaw drop.

I really only used the 300mm telephoto and that sucker rocked my socks off. All photos were taken at f/5.6 and ISO 800. There’s a bit of smearing at ISO 800, but I pulled a rookie move and didn’t take my laptop with me on the trip. I would have changed my setup for the final day, but you live and learn. Anyway, the jewel of the entire weekend is the last image I’ve attached of Jorge Lorenzo on his Yamaha as he’s coming around the first turn in front of the BMW M banner. Of course, I really like the emotion I captured with the Tony Elias crash during qualifying on Saturday. He wasn’t a happy camper after that, but he still managed to qualify fourth and started on the second row. That crash also happened less than 100 yards from where I was shooting at turn 2.

Here are a handful of “test” shots that I thought you guys might want to check out. I’ll have a few more “hands-on” posts throughout the week.