New projector houses a DVD player and is cheap, but pretty ugly

nrt-350s_01Yokohama-based electronics company Kumazaki-Aim has announced a “portable” LED video projector [JP] (size: 268×295×92mm, weight: 2.5kg) that won’t win any design awards but houses a DVD player. Buyers also get a screen (132×25×980mm) for their money.

The projector’s specs aren’t too promising either: 640×480 VGA resolution, 300:1 contrast ratio and 200 lumens brightness won’t get you very far. It produces 60-inch images from 2.1m away. There’s also an SD/MMC card reader, an S-Video interface, a VGA port and 3Wx2ch speakers. The DVD player supports MP3/WMA/AVI/DivX/Xvid and JPEG files.

nrt-350s_02Out in Japan tomorrow for $600 (projector/DVD player plus screen). I don’t think the thing will ever be available outside Japan so you might want to contact Geek Stuff 4 U if you’re really interested in buying the set.

Via Akihabara News