The Samsung R1 is a PMP, all right


The “anybody but iPod” crowd has another portable media player to choose from, and it’s from Samsung. It’s called the R1, and it’s your standard issue touchscreen PMP. It does play Divx-encoded video, which should be a benefit to those of you who haven’t moved onto Blu-ray rips, or who enjoy watching standard-def rips of TV shows on the subway.

It’s small, yeah, with its screen coming in at 2.6-inches, and being only 8.9mm (0.89 cm). You know Samsung worked damn hard to get that under 9.0mm.

There’s not much else here: it’s a PMP, for Pete’s sake. These things have been the same for four years now.

The R1 will come in 8GB an 16GB flavors when it comes out this fall. A specific release date? Nowhere to be found. But you knew that already, didn’t you?