Alienware unleashes a new mouse and keyboard for gamers


Gamers have it made nowadays. In the old days, they would have to deal with computer peripherals that were meant for an office environment and not tailored to meet their gaming needs. But that’s changed. Now even Alienware has a line of gaming accessories. Previously, Alienware showed off the OptX LCD monitor and TactX Headset, but apparently there is a TactX keyboard and TactX mouse coming soon. Look out Razer, Steelseries, Logitech, and Microsoft, Alienware is here.

The details are a little light on both right now as the product pages aren’t live yet, but both are shaping up nicely. The TactX Keyboard has 6 customizable macro keys and a WASD gaming cluster with anti-ghosting technology. Plus, the whole damn thing lights up and can be configured for two lighting zones.

The Tact Mouse comes with a radical design that is sure to leave some skeptical. Like me. That’s a monster ass for sure. But at least the specs are solid: 5000 DPI laser with on-the-fly sensitivity adjustments, 5 user profiles, 9 buttons, and back lighting. We only wish we could pass along the pricing and availability, but they’re not available yet.