Ars' exhaustive Snow Leopard review

Ever since Ars Technica was eaten by Conde Nast they’ve broken new ground with their reporting and – eh, who am I kidding. I haven’t been to their site in a a few months. However, they have written a 23-page article about Snow Leopard, a feat the boggles the mind and stiffens the clicking finger.

The money shot is basically this:

Snow Leopard is a unique and beautiful release, unlike any that have come before it in both scope and intention. At some point, Mac OS X will surely need to get back on the bullet-point-features bandwagon. But for now, I’m content with Snow Leopard. It’s the Mac OS X I know and love, but with more of the things that make it weak and strange engineered away.

The rest is pretty detailed and a good read if you’re into Snow Leopard. If you’re not, just pick up a Henry Miller book. Same length and intensity but with more sex.