Nokia delays Comes With Music launch in the US


Nokia’s Comes With Music service has always intrigued us. For 1 year after you purchase your “Comes With Music”-enabled Nokia device, you get an all-you-can-eat pass for Nokia’s catalog of over 5 million tracks. When your year is up, you get to keep the tracks you’ve nabbed. Tons of music, and we get to keep it? Yes, please.

Alas, we’ve yet to get the opportunity to check it out – and it looks like we won’t for a while. While Nokia said back in 2008 that they’d have the service up and running this year, Forbes now has it on good word that it’s not going to happen. According to a Nokia rep, the US launch has been pushed back until 2010.

Forbes postulates that the delay is the result of a lack of interest from the US, which may just be right. With a market share hovering down around 7%, it might be tough to justify shelling out for the required licenses when the audience just isn’t paying attention yet.