Thanko's peeing USB wee man


It’s Thanko time again. Today the Tokyo-based crap gadget company released another of their weird inventions, the Shoubenkozou [JP], a cupid-like mini figure that for some reason is able to “pee”. And needless to say, the thing can be connected to your computer’s USB port.

Thanko says the thing is actually supposed to be a small pump. Put the little guy on top of the 1-liter tank that comes with him and press a button. As a result, the wee man starts peeing. And this even works without USB, as you can use batteries as an alternative. Brilliant stuff again from Thanko.


The Shoubenkozou is available in four colors and costs $20. If you live outside Japan and really want to get one (I doubt it), wait for Thanko to list the gadget in the official English online store.