Typhoon warning: Deconstruction of Gundam statue in Tokyo postponed


Japan has been loving the Gundam animes series for 30 years, and in June, toy maker Bandai erected a 60-foot, moving Gundam robot statue in Odaiba, a futuristic island in Tokyo bay (we reported several times). Bandai originally planned to deconstruct the big guy today, but postponed all work for a couple days due to bad weather (typhoons can get pretty nasty over here).

The company claims the Odaiba-Gundam has been viewed by millions of people and says the future fate of the statue is still to be decided upon. Deconstructing the big mech will take several days. Gundam will likely lose his head first (around the 10th).

But before the Gundam statue becomes history, here is a video of it showing the robot in its full glory: