Live from the Sony IFA press conference

Sir Howard Stringer is in the house for Sony’s IFA press conference. Please refresh this post to read new comments.

11:06 Talking about how Sony is changing.

11:08 The 3d train is on the track. Focus on cinema 3d.

4k digital projectors. Up to 1300 3d projectors in Regal Cinemas.

11:14 3d content coming to Sky in UK and Blu Ray disks. Expect more 3d on tv next year.

Moto Storm on PS3 is pretty hot. 3d changes the experience.

Now talking about video delivery on the Playstation Network. Lots of European partners.

11:19 PSN content coming to other devices – not just Playstation/PSP. Huh.

New global brand message. Make.Believe.

Contribute content to Sony. Connects designers and engineers.

Seriously not sure what it means. It’s weird. It will connect brands, services, and content.

11:25 Fujio Nishida now on stage. President of Sony Europe. He says people are watching less TV.

TV programming is for sit back watching. Much more enjoyable if online content could hit the tv. Bravia tvs with new Bravia Internet Video.

Triple HD tuners for satellite users.

Blu Ray players will have built in wifi.

11:30 Exmor chips better low light video and stills. WX1 and TX1 are the flagship cameras. Sweep panorama mode creates a stitched image in a second.

Party Shot device for parties.
Pans and zooms as guests pass by.

Now talking about Alpha DSLRs.

Planning Twilight Football games. Games played at twilight in multiple countries.

11:41 Now for Sony Xperia X2 with winmo 6.5.

Sony readers. We’ve already seen them. Meh.

Walkmen. OLED touchscreens. Wearable walkmen. Boring Sydney booring.

Now Vaio X series. Sony ultralight. 11 inch screen. All day battery. Released next year.

11:48 All done.