Microsoft: 250GB Xbox 360? What 250GB Xbox 360?

loose-lips-sink-ships-1_270x377Microsoft is dissembling on the topic of the leaked 250GB “Super Elite” Xbox 360. Why, I couldn’t tell you. Why do companies refuse to send me pictures of products that have been out for months elsewhere in the world? Why did Sony wait so long to drop the price of the PS3? Why do birds sing?

Microsoft’s official response to a CNET writer looking for a comment on the Super Elite:

We have made no such announcement.

Honestly. They may as well have said, “Woohoo, 250GB Xbox before Christmas!”

If there really isn’t a 250GB version, they would have said “We feel the storage options available to consumers are sufficient” or some other diplomatic response, probably with some little dig at Sony for good measure. But no, it’s the non-response.

Seriously, I know you big companies have your own schedules to release stuff on, but it’s really time you started to realize that the real world doesn’t work on that schedule. I understand that sales go down as soon as a newer model is announced, but that just means that sales of the new model will be higher when it’s released. Be reasonable!