Savvis To Power Cloud-Based Private Data Centers For The Enterprise

Savvis is launching Project Spirit, a cloud platform that will help deploy and power virtual private data centers in the cloud. Savvis has also announced that the Cisco Nexus 5000 and 7000 Series networking switches will serve as the virtualized network backbone for Savvis’ new product. And VMware vSphere 4, which launched this week, will serve as the virtualization platform for virtual private data centers powered by Project Spirit.

Project Spirit will be a feature-rich application deployment platform, with storage, security and network layers fully virtualized. Savvis also says Project Spirit will enable greater scalability and enhanced security.

What makes Project Spirit so important is that its platform, combined with Cisco’s switches and VMware’s virtualization offerings is an attractive package to enterprise customers who want to deploy data centers in the clouds. While Microsoft will be ramping up its comprehensive cloud product for launch in November, Savvis’ comparable platform will already be deployed, giving Savvis a head start.

Basically, Project Spirit is providing are more advanced and multi-tiered service that gives developers the capability to test and develop applications at various levels and within diverse environments. Its features are able to speed up creation and deployment of these applications as well as the tasks that they can handle.