Six pound Swedish Fish proves boy's love for his sister


First there was the crazy five pound gummy bear and now we find something considerably grosser. Our own Weatherman, commenter extraordinaire, created – wait for it – a huge, disgusting Swedish Fish.

swedishfish21Good lord. He describes it thus:

I thought you’d appreciate these pics of a 6lb Swedish Fish that I made about a year ago for my sister’s birthday. To make the fish we melted down two 3lb bags of gummi bears, separated by color, then poured them into a fish-shaped serving dish. We poured them in different layers so that we could get the most accurate, life-like red salmon coloration. We then gave the fish that characteristic Swedish Fish coating with some powdered and granulated sugar.

Six pounds! Granulated sugar! Fish-shaped serving dish! It sounds like a CSI episode gone wrong! The sheer fact, however, that a man would make a 6 pound Swedish Fish for his sister is a testament to that mans pereseverence against iniquity and lack of understanding of the boundries of brotherly love.

Obviously the normal reaction to this is disgust and horror, but Weatherman is a good man and he and his family will survive this ordeal. I only pray that no one ate this thing.