Snow Leopard's much bigger virtual keyboard makes it a great touchscreen operating system, right?


How awesome is Snow Leopard? Like, so awesome, right? Hold onto your hats, friends, because it just got awesomer: check out that virtual keyboard!

Two big Mac sites, 9 to 5 Mac and Cult of Mac, are now running with the story that, since the new virtual keyboard is so big and fluffy, it’s obviously a sign that Snow Leopard can truly be a proper touchscreen operating system. You know, for that Mac tablet that everyone keeps talking about. Endlessly.

It’s not too big a stretch, I guess. Look at the old virtual keyboard:


Rubbish, yes.

I don’t know. For whatever reason I’m not too keen on all this touchscreen stuff. It’s going to take an extra special Steve Jobs “…and one more thing” announcement to change my opinion. Not that any of you care, of course, which is how it should be. Just sayin’.