Are Chevy Volt buyers idiots? Audi's American president thinks so.


The Chevy Volt is “a car for idiots.” Really? Dem be fightin words, Johan de Nysschen.

The Audi of America President talked to MSN autos and had some strong feelings about the upcoming Chevy Volt. He states in part that the Chevy Volt will fail because there isn’t enough idiots to pay a $15k premium for a car that competes with the Toyota Corolla. Serious. The whole article is worth your time if you’ve been following the Chevy Volt saga.

But he also makes very valid points that modern diesel engines can provided a huge environmental impact right now. Best of all, the technology is already available, and simply stuck across the pond in Europe. Only government lobbyist and conspiracy theory nuts know why we aren’t already driving around in such cars.

Will the Chevy Volt fail? Maybe. But it’s more likely that it will coexist with other vehicle technology including clean diesel.

[via Jalopnik]