Dazzboard partners with MySites to offer unlimited cloud storage

News reaches us of a marriage in Finland. Linkotec, the company behind Dazzboard, an “open iTunes” that works with pretty much any media player, just announced a partnership with social cloud storage provider MySites. Both companies are based in Helsinki. The deal gives Dazzboard users access to the MySites cloud where they can store and share an unlimited amount of data. Users will also be able to move files in the cloud to and from their portable devices.

MySites is quite a comprehensive cloud hosting service: it uses Facebook Connect to publish comments on users’ MySites files to their Facebook stream and you can post links to content from the MySites cloud straight to your profile too. Retweeting, embedding and social bookmarking tools can be used to tag and share content. There’s no upload limit, no file size limit and no nag screens.

The Dazzboard deal basically brings existing MySites functions to the browser-based media manager, and therefore to mobile devices (there’s an impressively long list of supported devices), with drag and drop functionality that allows content sharing here, there and everywhere. Dazzboard is not currently compatible with Google Chrome or Safari, but they’re working on it. This is a little something to keep your eye on.