Epson to roll out three new mobile Endeavor projectors


Epson Japan has today added three new mobile projectors [JP] to their Endeavor series, which targets small businesses in particular. The 3LCD devices will go on sale in Nippon between the end of this month and the middle of October. And prices are quite decent.

The best model of the three, the EB-W7 (pictured), can produce images in 1,280×800 resolution and features 2,200 lumens brightness (price: $750). Resolution for the EB-W7, which features the same level of brightness, stands at 1,024×768 (price: $680). The EB-S7 features just 800×600, but it produces 2,300 lumens brightness and is cheaper ($500), too.

Contrast ratio for each one of the projectors: 2,000:1. All of these models are sized at 295×228×77mm and weigh 2.3kg (previous Endeavor projectors were 15% heavier and 30% bigger).

Epson hasn’t said anything yet about distribution plans outside Japan.