Sony Ericsson unveils the XPERIA Pureness, should have been called the Weirdness

Yesterday morning, Sony Ericsson announced the XPERIA X2, the latest in their lineup of high-end QWERTY sliders. But maybe that wasn’t exactly your cup of tea; maybe you want something a little more.. a little more ridiculous?

How about a candybar phone with hidden keys and – get this – a transparent LCD? That’s what they’re packing into the XPERIA Pureness, which just made its YouTube debut. Not much is known about this one save for a November launch – but we sort of completely expect the pricetag to outweigh the feature set here.

And for those watching the video: No, your speakers aren’t broken. SE decided to ditch the standard electro fanfare and go for creepy silence this time around.
[Via UnwiredView]