Toshiba IFA Press Conference live and in color

Live from IFA’s Toshiba press conference. Refresh this page for updates.

10:12 Describing Toshiba Media Controller media sharing. Share media over Wi-Fi but it requires lots of complicated fileplay. The Media system will convert files for you. This kind of assumes you’re an all-Toshiba family. Q4 this year.

10:19 Eco lip service. It’s like all these CE guys got the same talking points – REMEMBER TO MENTION: 3D [ ] ECO [ ] SEXY DESIGN [ ] BLU RAY [ }

10:20 Satellite P500 laptop. Multimedia laptop. Puffy wristwrest, good sound and screen resolution. Blu Ray built in. Standard Definition upscaling of DVD and standard video. Dual hard drive – up to 1TB. Windows 7 64-bit. Multitouch touchpad.


Note – Media Controller works with DLNA. Just FYI.

10:27 TransferJet – put a camera on a pad and it sends images wirelessly. More pie-in-the-sky stuff.

10:28 Autoview – fixes the image in changing lighting conditions. No difficult tweaking. A sensor gauges the color and intensity of ambient light.

10:33 SV Series LED TV. Not much to say. It’s their first LED TV with 4x HDMI, SD Card input, Autoview.


10:36 Toshiba’s first home multimedia tablet JournE Touch. 7-inch touch screen. Multiple colors. Brushed aluminum. Tablet is based on Windows CE.

Price is 249 euro. It runs an ARM chip.

10:41 Full HD cameras, including on 17mm one.

10:43 DBX2000 Blu-Ray player. 1080p upscaling, 24fps output.

10:55 Well, that’s it! Sorry!