Very strange-looking face masks appear in Japan (video)


Contrary to popular belief, a lot of Japanese people wearing face masks in public aren’t in fear of getting infected but intend not to infect others. This was the situation before the swine flu hit Japan, at least. Nowadays, the masks enjoy particularly brisk sales and the flu seems to trigger innovations, too, i.e. these new masks that stick to the wearer’s face.

Made by Tokyo-based Earth Chemical, the so-called Vira-Mask [JP] does away with the need to strap masks to your ears.

It looks pretty strange and isn’t cheap either: One Vira-Mask costs around $10. Earth Chemical says their masks will go on sale in Japan on September 15.

Watch how you put on the Vira-Mask and how people wearing it look in the video below.

Via Shibuya 246