World of Warcraft faction change is now live!


The World of Warcraft faction change service is now up and running. It costs $30, and will take your Alliance Priest and turn him or her into a Horde Priest. You can go from any race to any race: Human to Orc, Human to Blood Elf, Human to Troll, you get the idea.

Any and all changes are made from the Account Management section of Note that, during the faction change, you can change anything else about the resulting character: name, hair color, hair style, etc. It basically comes down to, “Give us $30, and we’ll turn whatever you have into whatever you want, class permitting.” Like, you can’t change a Human Priest into an Orc Warrior.

The whole process, from the time you pay Blizzard, to the time you can run around your new capital city, could be as long as “several days.”

This doesn’t “break” the game, right?