Come and see District 9 with us in London

As many will know from my Twitter stream over the last few months I have been working on trying to put together occasional special screenings of new Sci Fi movies (hey, we’re in tech, right?). This has worked very well on TechCrunch US, with screenings of Iron Man among others. In particular I wanted to put together an event around upcoming Sci-Fi movie “District 9” as per this.

However, the film industry generally seems bloody hopeless to deal with. Despite my explaining, no-one I deal with seems to quite understand that we could probably fill a cinema at a stroke with people who would blog and Twitter about the movie inside 24 hours. Oh well, their loss I guess.

So while I work on that, instead I have found the Electric Cinema in West London (The Electric,, 191 Portobello Rd, London, W11 2ED, 020 72298688) which is screening District 9 next Tuesday night (next week, September 8 ) at 6.30pm. Crucially, you can pre-book tickets.

We can get about 70 people in (some tickets have already gone to someone called ‘general public’ ) if you all go and *literally* buy a ticket right now. I’m assuming that we could go for a quick pint somewhere nearby afterwards (suggestions for venue?). I’ll post any updates about arrangements on this post.

This is an open invite, not a closed event. Any reader of this post is invited to come along – we’re assuming you read TechCrunch Europe are somehow in this industry!

You can grab a ticket (for the 6.30pm session) here. I would go for the “Adult Other” rows or the “Adult Front 3” if those are all gone.

I’m not going to look for sponsors and all that stuff as this is a totally casual, fun, social event. If someone wants to put some cash behind a bar to buy us a drink afterwards I’m happy to mention that on TechCrunch Europe by way of thanks.