Yes, Virginia, World of Warcraft race changes are coming


The World of Warcraft faction change went down yesterday. That is, for $30 Blizzard will take your Human Warrior and turn him into an Orc Warrior. It’s handy, yes. But the fun doesn’t stop there! Blizzard is prepping a service that’ll change your intra-faction race. That means you’ll be able to go from a Blood Elf Warlock to an Undead Warlock.

Is this news new? Well, not in the strictest sense of the word. Blizzard had mentioned it during Blizzcon, but sort of in a passing fashion. A recent official message board post re-confirms that, yes, race changing is planned.

It’s primarily an aesthetic change, I think. There’s a few racial traits that may be gained, but hardly anything worth paying for.

In other news, maybe I’ll become a Druid? Not in the game, but in real life. Respect for nature, sitting Indian style a lot, etc.