In which we see a young lady holding the Philips Sensual Massager at IFA

scaledimg_9140The thing that got the biggest titters at IFA were Philips improved “sensual massagers,” the his and hers HF8400. Interestingly, Philips is straight up saying this is a sex toy and it was on display next to a bed in the Philips booth. Good on them. I haven’t tried it but this young lady sincerely enjoyed modeling it.


The male massager is specially shaped to stimulate and please him. Notice how the curves of the male massager are shaped for his most intimate contours, enhancing erotic pleasure. The cupped area feels particularly good on the male intimate area, as well as many other spots of the body.

The female massager is specially shaped to stimulate and please her. It is also designed to encourage physical contact and intimacy between you and your partner while using it by allowing your hand to caress your partner’s body at all times. The tip is the area of the massager that vibrates, allowing you to stimulate her erogenous zones, as well as many other body areas.