Wow, people sure don't believe AT&T's Seth the Blogger Guy

So what do you guys think of Seth the Blogger Guy? He’s AT&T, well, blogger guy, talking to people like Greg, Biggs, MG, and myself whenever AT&T deems it necessary, usually to put out some sort of fire. (See: The initial confusion surrounding the price of the iPhone 3G S.) He’s a nice man, of course, even though I so rarely reply to his e-mails (but that’s just because I rarely reply to e-mail as it is). But the Internet, YouTube commenters specifically, have no problem punching a man who wears glasses.

A video was uploaded yesterday wherein Seth tries to explain why AT&T has been rather rubbish lately. In essence, it’s because there’s so many iPhones out there chewing up network capacity that AT&T has a hard time keeping up. Whether that’s AT&T’s fault or iPhone users’ fault is an issue for another day.

Here’s just a sampling of what the good people on YouTube are saying:

Not buying it. AT&T is still overpriced and still sucks.

Seth Just a thought for you & AT&T instead of posting this video now that you are ready(finally) to roll out MMS messaging for those of us already paying for it…maybe it might have been a good idea to post this video way back when we were all seeking answers to the question “why” and instead of receiving answers we were just blown off with “its coming in August” or worse, no explanation at all…if you really “heard us” an acknowledgement would have been nice. then, not now… Just a thought!

You haven’t enabled the smartphone revolution, Apple did. AT&T is nothing without Apple. Remember this. Once another carrier gets the iPhone, there will be an mass exodus.

How come he didn’t show our text messages piggybacking harmlessly on the cell phone calls?

Why didn’t he explain that it costs them NOTHING to send text messages yet they bend over their customers and make their buttholes bleed with sms fees?

It’s unacceptable AT&T to take you this long. MMS is a standard on even older phones. Tethering is available in other countries, but not the US. My signal is getting worse and worse because you can’t handle the amount of data that we pay you hundreds of dollars a month to handle. Not to mention the fact that we had to sign in blood and we’re stuck for 2 years.


Welcome to Norway in 2001. We’ve had excellent 3G coverage and speeds for almost a decade now.

Sorry AT&T, but you can’t excuse yourselves like this. You built a sub-standard network in the first place, just say it like it is.

So basically you’re saying that you can’t support all the people you have on your data network, yet are forcing people with smartphones to get a data plan starting this month. That makes no sense that if you can’t support the current level of customers you would FORCE and increase when you just admitted you can’t handle it. This is why I hate ATT because as a company they are full of shit.*

If your network wasn’t built out of twigs and fishing line you could handle a technology that has been around since 2002. Just say your network is archaic and you’re focusing on 4G and you’d have a better result than these excuses.

There’s currently 374 comments, and let’s just say that they’re really not all that positive. Fair or not, that’s the way it reads right now.

I have a solution for AT&T: just drop the iPhone! All your network problems will go away!

*I read something the other day about how AT&T is forcing all of its customers to get a data plan now in order to provide them a better service, etc. (But if they’re already having problems with too much data consumption, then why force more people onto the data network?) It’s basically a point-by-point evisceration of the AT&T press release. It really is great, and is totally worth the read.