Yup, they're developing a telepathy chip all right


How did I miss this?! Apparently the Brits are developing some sort of telepathy chip that will give the user the ability to do crazy X-Men stuff, like turn lights on and off with the power of thought. (It actually just dawned on me that, had CrunchGear been around in the 1800s, we would have been floored at the idea of electric light, and called blasphemers for bringing up telepathy.)

What would happen is that a tiny chip would be placed on your brain. Of course, right? The chip would be powered by the electrical activity of all your nerve cells, and would then wirelessly send signals to some sort of receiver on your skull. From there you’d be able to send the signal to light bulbs (kitted out with the proper equipment), TVs, you name it.

The chip was developed by one Dr. Jon Spratley, of Birmingham University. He’s 28 years old. When I’m 28, provided I get there, I’ll still probably just be leveling toons in WoW.

This type of research—telepathy, “mind control,” etc.—is big here in the U.S., but have relied on wired transmission of signal. That leads to infections, something we don’t want.

I’d love to be able to “think” these posts, then have them magically written by some signal-receiving keyboard. That’d be swell!