CrunchDeals: 1TB WD external HDD for $65

9258885_rbThere’s a hell of a deal going on over at Best Buy, where you can pick up a terabyte of extra storage for about $70 shipped, or $65 if you feel like driving out and picking it up. The Western Digital MyBook series has been good to me and others I know, so it gets the CG thumbs up as far as that goes.

It’s the “Mac” edition, which probably just means it’s formatted in HFS+ instead of NTFS or FAT32. Reformat at will.

Order away, though it is backordered at the moment. This is the cheapest storage I’ve seen in a while, though, so it may be worth picking up even if you don’t have a need for it right now. They make great presents, too.

[via 9to5Mac]