Happy Labor Day From Ze Frank, You Socialist

Screen shot 2009-09-07 at 2.36.02 PMIt’s Labor Day, and you’re sitting at your computer reading TechCrunch. That’s cool, we appreciate it. Here’s a fun video from Ze Frank with some of his thoughts on Labor Day to help you pass the time.

Frank rose to popularity in the first half of the 2000s, first for his website, and later for his daily video blog, The Show With Ze Frank. After that ended in 2007, he signed with the Hollywood talent agency UTA, and sort of fell off the map, but apparently he’s now making videos for Time. That’s great as they’re apparently allowing him to compare Labor Day to Socialism — which is hilarious.

Now, if only Time would let you embed videos larger than a postage stamp. Lame.

Among the gems:

“Socialism felt more like the wishy-washy version of Communism. Like they were agnostics, they weren’t quite sure. They wanted they worker revolution, but they didn’t want to wear little tight-fitting collar-less uniforms.”

“Communists love hats. Except for Kim Jong-il, but his hair is sorta like a hat.”

“I don’t want the socialism, it’ll be like the Post Office. Do you want a Post Office?”

“We hate lines so much we are willing to sacrifice our children, and our lifespan. Take that socialism and your bread lines.”