Leica X1 details: fixed lens, cropped CMOS sensor

Looks like someone let some more Leica assets go live a bit early. The M9 had its own leak earlier today, and now some more details are out there, this time about the lower-end X1. I’m happy to say the leak exonerates me in my doubt of the previous leak, in which I thought the X1 looked janky.

The previous (and fake if you ask me) leak of the X1 had it with the 24mm 2.8 lens fixed on. That’s a pretty solid call, I’d say. I’m afraid, though, that with a fixed lens I’m just not that attracted to the X1 when there are things like the Panasonic GF-1 just around the corner.

You can get the whole Leica brochure, including many M9 details we’ve already covered, over at Leica Rumors.