Mosquito repellent FINALLY available in a USB stick


There are a few things worth noting about this particular product. First, it’s a $5.69 USB mosquito repellent stick. Second, the product description says that it “can provide clean living or office environments to its user.” Finally, it’s on backorder. So just to recap: a USB-powered mosquito repellent that keeps mosquitos from swarming you inside your home or office is so popular it’s on backorder.

Here’s more:

“No need to wear harmful chemicals and toxic sprays when you’ve got this mosquito beater! USB port powered gadget transmits a sonic repelling frequency and can provide clean living or office environment to its user.”

I can think of only a few scenarios where this product would come in handy.

1. Some sort of outdoor signup table for an event.

2. Mosquito researcher that uses a laptop in the field.

3. Socially awkward child that insists on playing soccer with a netbook under his or her arm.

And perhaps people who live near bogs and leave their doors and windows wide open. Or maybe they have a patio and they like to sit on the patio all day saying, “Ahhh, this is why I bought a laptop. And thank god for USB-powered mosquito repellent.”

USB Ultrasonic Sonic Mosquito Pest Repeller [Uxsight]