Grabit Pack: A gadget holster for manly men


Aw yeah. Manly men, take notice. Here’s the Grabit Pack, created by a Hollywood stuntman. It punches all fanny packs and man purses in their non-manly testes. It’s worn like a wild west gun holster except it holds stuff that’s far more exciting than a six-shooter, like your cell phone and a little paper notepad and a tin of Altoids.

It’s available for $25 in the right-side leg configuration or you can step up to the $45 Left/Right Set, which adds a second pack to your other thigh. According to the product website, the Grabit Pack is great for:

Motorcyclists, hiking, off road, carpenters, nurses, Parkour, mechanics, outdoors, Nerf guns, plumbers, cycling, Cosplay, military, hunters, gadget users, fishing, and EMT’s.

Thank goodness they mentioned Nerf guns, Cosplay, and gadget users. I’ve been looking for the perfect carryall for my Nerf Gun Cosplayers of America meetings. And being a gadget user, I can bring along my cell phone for when nobody calls.

Just in case you’re not convinced, this video should do the trick:

Grabit Pack [ via Craziest Gadgets]