Nio security system: As seen on YouTube

So this is actually kind of cool. It’s a security system that uses Bluetooth to connect all of your belongings – your briefcase, your keys, et al, to your phone. When they move out of range, Nio tells you on your BlackBerry screen.

Each tag can be given a different alarm tone on your phone so you know which item is at risk. In addition the nio’s locate tone can help you find misplaced tagged items such as USB data sticks or keys.

Uniquely, nio has a fully rechargeable battery which will hold its charge for several weeks, allowing you to relax in the knowledge that your tagged article is safe. Using the simple to operate calendar application allows you to set dates and times for automatic activation such as during your regular commute.

The rechargeable battery in the Nio unit gives me pause but it seems like a few weeks of uninterrupted usage may work out fairly well. The little device itself costs 40 Pounds Sterling in the coin of the realm or about $70. Pricey.

Would you stick one of these in your briefcase? I don’t recall anyone ever stealing my bag, just picking my pocket. Thoughts?