There's a SteelSeries keyboard for Aion, you know


The big Korean MMO, Aion, is due for release here in North America on September 22. It’s true. What else is true is that SteelSeires has a fancy, new keyboard lined up for the game’s release. Behold!

The full name of the keyboard is the SteelSeries Zboard Limited Edition Aion Keyset. I’m going to assume that a working knowledge of the game would be helpful here, but here’s my best shot. As you’d expect, the keyboard has a whole host of dedicated keys that are related to the in-game world. I spy keys like Inventory, Fold Wings, and Charge.

Eh, you know what, let’s face facts: it’s a keyboard with a frill design and a couple of dedicated keys. If that type of thing interests you, great. If not, then no amount of words would change your opinion.

At the very least the keyboard is inexpensive, coming in at only $19.99. There’s even a matching mouse pad, and that’s only $14.99.